25 thoughts on “Football Rivalries Manchester United – Liverpool, part II (english)

  1. Man Utd the most successful English club. Been until 1973 and now back
    since 2011. Always in our shadow scousers! 

  2. I love how Gerrard when describing the UEFA Cup is like “yeah, its nice,
    but its not the premiership cup”

  3. ever thought that Sir Alex could have picked someone better (i hate to say
    it) but he was a brilliant manager. facts speak for themselves. but moyes
    is shit and i will love to say he will be be the downfall of Manchester
    United 🙂 by the way red scoucer fan

  4. right at the end points it out. Sir Alex is no more, prepare to meet thy
    doom. Moyes dusnt no fuck all about trophies 11 years at Everton and you
    picked him haha. cant wait. everton and liverpool have new better managers
    and you know it

  5. years and counting. They would just laugh in face, but the sad thing is
    that its a reality for them. Until things change, Liverpool will continue
    to go down the toilet.

  6. In all football awards liverpool has 63 trophies, and man utd 62.(european
    awards included).So this year will be liverpool’s downfall and the end of
    the lie. You `ll never win anything

  7. @Tkred1 its incredible that Paisley never was knighted, but I find funny
    how scousers always complain about anything english (we’re scouse not
    english), I think they hated Hogdson right from the start because he was
    english, yet they go on and on about the injustice of their legends not
    being knighted by the queen of england. Having said that, its quite clearly
    unfair, Paisley was one of the greats and so was shankly

  8. to be honest if my grandma had wheels would be a bike. We werent anywhere
    near Barcelona, in fact, we’ve got ourselves a proper spanking, there was
    no hypotheticals about it. Bit absurd that comment from a fellow united
    fan. We’ve always been a bit rubbish in europe by our standards, fergie
    always had massive balls in england, but lost them when we went to the
    continent. Theres no doubt we’ve massively underperformed in the CL

  9. man utd were no match 4 nottingham forest in the late 70s..they won 2
    successive european cups in 79 and 80 while man u won fuck all during that

  10. I was talking to a cople from London here @ Rio de Janeiro when the english
    girl suddenly stopped talking to sing ” We Won It Five Times” the moment
    she saw this one local guy wearing a Utd shirt walking on the other side of
    the street

  11. Why u didnt mention about the current player…opps i forget…there’s no
    one to be proud off..:-(

  12. Now we’ve won 3 European Cups and Liverpool are quickly slipping out of the
    Champions League.

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