25 thoughts on “liverpool football club-anthem-youll never walk alone!

  1. My I.T Teacher is retiring this year,she is a huge supporter of Liverpool
    so we rewrote the lyrics into a goodbye song to her xD

  2. Im a Serbian Liverpool fan as well and they’re now first in the premier
    league at the moment 2014/03/29

    Go Serbia and LIVERPOOL! 

  3. Hi! My name’s Raniero Cicconetti. I’m italian. I’m 32 years. I like so much
    this anthem, that makes me sincere and deep emotions. It’s my favourite
    football anthem! The supporters of The Reds are, in my opinion, really
    great, in his so comfortable and emotional stadium “The Anfield Road”. I
    believe for the supporters of this fantastic team, the most important thing
    is that the players in the field give the best of themselves, committing
    at peak, with a real passion and genuine agonism! If you want know me
    better, you could add me on facebook, ok? I’m apologize if my english isn’t
    much fluently. I’d like so much can see, at least, one of the next match of
    Premier League, of the Liverpool in his stadium! 

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