25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – Top 25 Goals – 2013 / 2014 – MRCLFCompilations

  1. cant let suarez go, as much as he can be stupid, hes too good to let go to
    another club..

  2. Surprised by the number of brilliant goals we scored with little or no help
    from Suarez. Makes me a little more optimistic for the coming season. 

  3. Form is temporary, class is permanent as we get a boost from 12/13. Thanks

  4. Champions League at Anfield next season. WOW. Those games will be insane,
    we’ve had a great season. And next We Go Again

  5. not a Liverpool fan but still breaks my heart when I think of the last
    season ending.

  6. Suarez is so dumb. Why give up being Liverpools best ever player to go sit
    on the bench at Barcelona?

  7. Norwich fans only attended their matches against Liverpool to witness the
    genius of Suarez. 

  8. How many times does the commentator want to say “you run out of
    superlatives for this guy”?

  9. The best season liverpool have had in the premier league in a decade. We
    will never do this well again untill we find someone like suarez again.

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