Fernando Torres going through Tough Days

It’s certainly a very tough phase of the career of Fernando Torres, probably the toughest. Even some of his fans are now losing faith in him, but, there is one man who is constantly backing the Spaniard, the man who is in charge of AC Milan, Filippo Inzaghi.

According to Inzaghi, it can all turn around pretty quickly for Torres. He just needs to slot the ball in once.

Torres is no longer a starter for Inzaghi now. How can he be? No coach in the world would give him a place in starting XI the way he has played.

But, Inzaghi always has nice things to say about Torres. He has never tried to suggest in any of his interviews that he thinks he did a mistake by agreeing to that loan deal with Chelsea.

Inzaghi still reckons that Torres can help the Rossoneri a great deal this season if he starts feeling confident again, but, the confidence would come only when the goals come. They are just not coming at the moment.

Inzaghi talked about Torres in his yesterday’s press conference. He was quoted as saying, “I think with Fernando, it’s more about the psyche than the technique. If he gets a bit of confidence, he would be back to his usual self. He just has to get a breakthrough. He has to get it right once and he would be fine.”

“I have brought him here and not for a second have I doubted his potential to be totally honest. I am really hoping that the next time he steps onto the field, he gets the goal. We all want him to have success here and we will continue backing him.”

Torres still has that only goal in his kitty, which he had scored at the start of the summer, for Milan.

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