25 thoughts on “Liverpool Football Club – Greatest Sports Franchises

  1. who the fuck is kenny dilglish?????
    You pronounced that so wrong i feel like killing myself…
    It’s Dal-gleesh

  2. me and my dads family support liverpool but shame on my brother and my dads
    cousin who support man united and everton liverpools greatest rivals and my
    favourite player is steven gerrard. GO LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. and you stick to being an idiotic, non-contributing, parasitic chav.
    because throwing homophobic abuse when you’re proved wrong, only seeks to
    further emphasize the fact that you were wrong, yet too much of a fucking
    child to handle being corrected.

  4. so it’s the latter. you love proving your detractors right. you may be a
    little bit on the inbred side too. speaking of which I think i hear your
    Sister calling, she sounds horny. i guess scouse scum need to procreate
    somehow right?

  5. oh how the mighty have fallen. another trophyless season for loserpool.
    your mighty league cup triumph over lower league opposition not
    withstanding. XD you are the laughing stock of english football.

  6. i can see that all three of your generic ass insults came into your head at
    the exact same time, confusing you, and resulting in this incoherent mess.
    note. i am not a Man Ushited fan. you don’t need to be a Ushited fan to
    know that Liverpool are mediocre this year. Cross reference these two
    lists. a list of teams which Liverpool have beaten in 2012/2013. a list of
    teams in the top half of the table currently. how many teams fall into both
    categories? NONE….

  7. Yeah we have dealt like with people like Leeds, Blackburn, Arsenal,
    Chelsea, and now City and we always come back on top the next year. Unlike
    your club, your club hasn’t won the league in 22 years. Once we knocked you
    off your perch in the league you lost the one thing your fans always

  8. “your quite the genius” oh my.. the beautiful irony of a scouser with a
    poor grasp of written english, attempting to insult my intelligence..
    hilarious. Liverpool are NOTHING today. your only trophy of the last 7
    years was a league cup win over CARDIFF! birmingham won it the year before
    and Swansea or Bradford will win it this year. no GOOD team cares about the
    only trophy you are capable of winning.

  9. I’m talking about in the past all those teams that challenged us. We for
    the most came out on top and we will do it again. You can enjoy your one
    year in the Europa league before it ends soon while we continue on our 20th
    league title. Unless a 30 year old Kenny Daglish, Alan Hanson, Gram
    Souness, Alan Kennedy, and Steve Heighway come that door you never
    challenge us for the league.

  10. medals to prove what service? they give medals to janitorial staff? and I
    like how after i call you a chav, your only response is undiluted
    xenophobia… I mean DEAR GOD! do you have an extra chromosome? or do just
    LOVE proving your detractors to be correct?

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