25 thoughts on “Why Manchester United Fans hate Liverpool Football Club and their Fans 16.03.14


    WOW this video is about WomanUnited fans who are ugly bald headed fuckheads
    laughing about Liverpool!! Glad to know that Liverpool fans are so much
    better and more CIVILIZED than WomanUnited fans. All you ugly dicks do
    nothing but laugh and taunt other clubs!! LOL get a life you ManU shitties.
    Did van Girl pay y’all to do this shit or something? HAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Seriously ManUtd fans? Disappointing club with good team but bullcrap fans.
    You guys really have nothing else to do huh? Other than laugh like (eg.
    These bald fucks ^)?

    Respect all Football Clubs please. Every club has good and bad times like
    Liverpool. Arrogance that’s what ManU fans are full of.

  2. the. Crack heads. On this. Video. Are not even. Mancs.ha there from.
    Ireland ha. Anyway. Mancs don’t get a shower they. Are. Fucking dirty.
    Inbread.cunts. Have. You seen. What Manchester looks. Like. It’s. A shit
    hole. Ha little tramps walking round with there caps. Up. And there socks
    tucked in there. Pants ha ha. They. Live. Of. There. Dole. Welfare tramps.
    Ha and. Scaby.faces ha. And. The. Girls. Are. Fucking. Dog. Ugly. Ha. They.
    All shag.there own. Sisters. Ha. Liverpool is. A lovely. Place. With.
    Sexy.birds. And. People walk around with. Nice stuff on. Ha. Really. I
    went. To Manchester. Last. Year. Just. To drive. A round. And. Punch some.
    Mancs heads. In. Ha and. Seen. About. 5. Lads. Killing. Dead. Rats. And.
    Cocking.them. Because. They. Didn’t. Have any money. If. Your. Planing. On.
    Visiting the UK. Don’t. Go to. Manchester you will catch something ha. I
    can’t. Be leave Manchester. Can. Talk about. Anyone. Fucking
    inbread.tramps. Ha. Next. Time. I see. A manc. He is going. In the boot of
    my car. Manchester. Is full. Of. Ugly dirty. Crack heads. And. It’s. Full.
    Of. Packys.there is. More Packys.there then. Wight people Isis are.
    Livening there. Fucking. Tramps. Die

  3. Hahahahaha silly mank cunts better than Suarez hahaha !!!!!!!about right
    for your mob dirty boring manks ……looking up at us now in joy watching
    us in the champs boys your never b a club like us best fans in the world we
    r Liverpool what’s a team with out fans ynwa we go again 

  4. yea, keep laughing at us. We’ll keep laughing at your league position.

  5. this is hilarious. a bunch od sad jocks having a go at scousers. glory
    hunting twats who latched onto utd after 1993. proof of that is when asked
    their greatest victory over Liverpool. not one of them said the 1977 fa cup
    final…which stopped us winning the treble. these muppets were obviously
    Aberdeen fans back then lmao

  6. As long as Moyes is our manager, we’re going nowhere. We’re the laughing
    stock of football. 

  7. There. Is more. Muslim Manchester fans then. Wight fans. Ha. Manchester is
    a shit. Hole. So don’t. Talk. About. Liverpool. Better place. Then.
    Manchester. Tramps if nobody. Be leaves me go to Manchester and find out
    for your. Self’s. And. Then. Go to Liverpool. And see how. Lovely it is
    there. Fucking he’ll ha haha ha 

  8. Who. The Fuck is man united no. One. There. Inbread.tramps welfare
    cunts.the new. Manchester. Has. Been. Takeing over. By. Muslims. Ha. 

  9. Steve Gerrard Gerrard, he kisses his badge on his chest, he puts in a
    transfer request, Steve Gerrard Gerrard

  10. Manchester. People fell. Out the. Ugly tree. And. Hit every branch on the
    way. Down ha haha

  11. There is a pie and mash shop across the street from the kop thats pretty
    good. Thats as far as my liking goes

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