25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – This Is Liverpool FC 2013-2014 (HD)

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  2. The most emotional club in the world!!!

    I wish my club was like that

    win the league !!!!

  3. I have just stopped laughing over Liverpools humiliating inability to win
    the English Premiership Soccer League. My UK Cousin said they were sure
    to win it but at the end they crumbled under the pressure and made a
    mockery out of the great game that is soccer. I hope their manager, if he
    is still in a job as he should really be fired for such an appauling
    managerial display, takes inspiration from the way we in the US play the
    game. After all it was in America where soccer was born and we hate
    seeing it destroyed by second rate players who only love the money
    and woman associated with the UK game and not the soccer. 

  4. Two more matches left to play, and unless we win both of them like 6-0 then
    we can win the title, if not man city will probably win it…shame.

  5. We have Champions League football!!!!! mission accomplished.as far as the
    premiership goes……not saying anything till it’s confirmed, still 3
    games to go, still have a funny feeling mourinho and them rent boys are
    going to ruin everything 

  6. Suarez is an despicably unethical person, but holy shit, what a player.
    Absolute magic!!!

  7. Who would expect in the begining of season , that we will be on 1rst place
    after 33 games. Now, we have big game against Man City. We can do it guys,
    YNWA !

  8. Liverpool el mejor equipo de Inglaterra, soy del Madrid pero la aficion del
    Liverpool es la mejor del mundo, es impresionante ver a todo el estadio
    cantar YNWA xD

  9. I’ve been a Liverpool fans since 1998 (when I was 9). Same year as Stevie
    joined the first team. I’ll be 25 a day before the Newcastle match. I’ve
    finally graduated from college this year and if there’s any meaning in life
    to numbers and events, Stevie and I will fullfil our greatest achievements
    in the same year, after being “with” the first Liverpool squad for 16
    years. I’ve always had only 4 wishes when it comes to football. For the
    Reds to win the leage, for Stevie to lift the bucket, to sing “YNWA”
    amongst the Kopites at least once in my life, and to pay my respects to the
    96. Brandon, Stevie and the rest of the lads might make it 2/4 in less than
    a month now! 27 days until the Chelsea match that could be the decisive
    match for this year’s race. and 27 days to what I’ve wanted to see for 16
    Even if they don’t make it, I’m thankful for all these months of hope,
    dreams, trust and proudness they’ve given us. COME ON YOU REDS!!!

  10. The whole season have been like the UCL final of 2005 in Istanbul. We will
    get top 3, but can we go all the way? At least I believe and will not be
    disappointed this year anyway 😀 

  11. this is simply awesome, brings a tear to my eye, also the music was
    perfect, nice one! #makeusdream

  12. Despite being a neutral, i can’t help but route for Liverpool when they
    play. They are an example for every PL team in terms of playing style and
    for the fact that they are predominantly an English team which is what
    every Prem club needs to be doing if we are to progress anywhere with our
    National team. Would love to be in Anfield for Champions League nights,
    hope you go far this year! 

  13. I can’t wait for your video when we win the league.. A nice idea would to
    put a bit of concentration to the past successes of the 80s and failures of
    the EPL era. Also bring up scenes from Gerrard’s commitment and sadness.
    Gerrard should be the theme of the video. Just putting out the idea..
    You’re the man behind the magnificent editing.

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