25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – The Liverpool Way – 2008 – 2013 – HD

  1. Great video… reminds me of the greatest duo in FC Liverpool history .

  2. thanks…alots of love for this video…
    we may hve been forgotten as the lost heroes…
    but surely…we wld rise from dusk to dawn….
    cause THE TEAM WONT WALK ALONE…..the fans and love wld always b der for
    the club….

  3. This makes me envy the 08/09 season. World beaters. To think we were
    steamrolling United and Real Madrid, to think we were so close but so far
    away. I long for the time our team will come back to the strengths of old.

  4. Clearly most people would think what I think if I only got one bitchy
    response from some idiot who doesn’t know the difference between the 2! Oh
    and BTW that guy was you! 🙂

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