25 thoughts on “The Potemkin League- Liverpool Football Club documentary

  1. I am a MASSIVE LFC supporter from America and loathe what Hicks and Gillett
    did to the club, but the bit about taking the club back from the Americans
    and the Americans, as if we all plotted against the club, is bollocks.
    Those two ‘businessmen’ represent Americans as a whole about as much as
    Justin Bieber represents all Canadians or Piers Morgan represents all
    Brits. It’s shite.

    I’m so glad that reign of tyranny is over and pray the success under FSG
    continues. *YNWA*

  2. Very good documentary…I am a big American fab of Liverpool, one reason
    being my Dad was stationed outside of Liverpool with the USAF as an
    airplane mechanic during WWII…Another reason being the Beatles, and the
    Mersey Sound phenomena, and the joy it gave America. Watching this film,
    one can understand the anger behind the OWS movement in America. In any
    case, a lot of this corruption has been exposed in America, and the current
    Fenway Sports Group ownership cannot pull the same shite.

  3. Very interesting documentary but I found the constant cartoons and short
    film clips to be somewhat distracting. This is a very important issue, and
    one that should be recognised by ALL football supporters. This is the way
    that big business and the Banks work. It is a way of making YOU responsible
    for somebody else’s loan. The banks and the business men profit at YOU and
    YOUR CLUBS expense. The sooner all Football Clubs are owned by their own
    supporters the safer they will be.

  4. Ill never understand why the people don’t just unite and go from palace to
    mansion in Surrey and The Hampton’s murdering these corrupt bastards until
    they think “Shit we best stop fucking over these people or we’ll be next.”

  5. I can only assume that the reference is to that of the Potemkin Mutiny of
    1905. The crew of this battleship refused to eat the maggot strewn rotten
    meat that was delivered to the ship whilst at port on the Black Sea. The
    second-in-command threatened to shoot crew members, and summoned the ships
    guards as well as a tarpaulin to protect the ships decks from any blood in
    an attempt to blame the crew. The crew mutinied and flew a red-flag from
    the mast of the ship.

  6. Hi guys, just to follow up from the last message, as you can see from our
    youtube page I am also a filmmaker and would like to get intouch with Joe
    Hood who did the music. Thanks guys. YNWA

  7. What does Potemkin have to do with anything in England? He was a Russian
    military man, and there is a world famous set of stairs in Odessa, Ukraine
    called Potemkin Stairs. So, what does that have to do with Liverpool?

  8. Do ‘better teams’ get completely outclassed for 114 minutes out of 120, and
    then win the shoot out lottery? At least United can admit we were below par
    in 1999’s final

  9. BTW, Liverpool won the Champions League in 2005 because THEY WERE THE
    BETTER TEAM…”To those who endure until the end goes the prize”.”.

  10. I think Rodgers will in 10/20 years time be talked about with the likes of
    Shankly, Paisley, Dalglish and Benitez

  11. I am a Chelsea fan, but I am mad as hell to see things turn out like this
    for any sports team, regardless if it’s Liverpool F.C.!

  12. We had a lucky escape with the way things turned out. Otherwise we might’ve
    still had the debts hanging over us!

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