25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – Walk On

  1. We didnt lose bcuz gerrard slipped we lost cuz henderson got a red card and
    missed chelsea and palace game

  2. Liverpool’s quest for the league title is like a fairytale, you couldn’t
    make up a better story. When we finally get it (and I have no doubt it’ll
    happen under Brendan) there will be chapters dedicated to the the Souness
    decline, Istanbul, Gerrard’s dedication, strikers come and gone, near
    financial ruin, FSG, Rodgers and the 08-09 and 13-14 campaigns. 

  3. This has made me even more excited about Sunday,3points to start off the
    season is a must!

  4. watching this video just pisses me off, we didnt win the league because of
    a slip..a slip. makes me feel sick. we deserved it

  5. I’m a Tottenham fan,and i think your videos are AWESOME. Keep up the good

  6. glories and titles are important..but moments last for ever..like steve g’s
    goal against olympiacos, coutinhos goal against city, ..boy i would take
    them any day over a trophy..

  7. Rob Hawthorne is the best football commentator, it brings me shivers when
    he screams “and it is Gerrard” and “Sturridge… beauty”… Great, YNWA!!!

  8. People need to Shutup about blaming specific people for how we lost the
    title. Football is a team game, we lose together, we win together. LFC YNWA

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