25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – Support & Believe

  1. Bloody hell !!! Forget the QPR game !!! Bring on REAL MADRID you
    motherfakers !!!!!!! 

  2. Words can not describe how thankful i am you upload such amazing vidoes.

  3. Your videos never fail to impress me and give me goosebumps and send chills
    down my back and bring tears to my eyes, this is what our club is about,
    belief and support, amazing video

  4. Guys no matter how much liverpool is struggling, we will always support no
    hate, Thats true fans. Thats was liverpool fans are known for, The
    atmosphere. YNWA <3 Hope Balotelli lifts his game up . i truly believe in
    him and coutinho has proved himself enough to start 11

  5. 5 Champions League is good. 10 is Better.
    Liverpool is good. Real Madrid is Better.
    Anfield here we come.

  6. I cannot wait these two days to see Liverpool again especially against RMA,
    I believe in Liverpool Character, power, fitness and believe in Balotelli
    i’m sure he will score and prove to all the world he a world class
    destroyed Brandelly. Great video #ynwa

  7. I believe I can fly, but flying together with Liverpool! All of my tears
    will not wastefulness. I love you Liverpool, I’ll never forget you and YOU

  8. Support & Believe – Passion – Love – History – This is Liverpool FC
    Those years; those stars; those legends :'(
    Awesome video! Thanks +LFCNORBRANCH 

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