25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – Season Review – 2013/2014

  1. Thanks to everyone! Always nice to get so much good feedback. Means a lot!
    To those of you who want to know where you can find the speech. The speech
    is from Les Brown – It’s not over until you win.
    YNWA! 🙂 

  2. Liverpool FCs 2013/2014 Season Review in words..

    Trophyless.. yet again…a failure of a football club and a joke to this

  3. Liverpool fan from Miami, Florida, USA! New to football, this season will
    be my first EPL season!

  4. Where is that starting speech came from?
    Any links? I want that speech, Please anyone ?

  5. So much effort was put in to make this 🙂 appreciate your hard work! well
    done! it was a joy to watch!

  6. brilliant video again ! spine tingling stuff…… you have done it again
    Ruben….. absolutely love your videos…..

    Looking back at the season we had some GREAT moments didn’t we…. the
    arsenal game… everton… the comebacks…. Suarez ripping Norwich a new
    one ..again ! decimation of spurs, and most importantly the double on
    utd….. what a season !

  7. Firstly I’d like to thank LFCNORBRANCH for this astonishing video. What a
    season that was, there were many ups & downs, but really .. we deserved to
    clinch the title. It wasn’t to be & we go again with this glittering
    free-flowing youthful team that made us DREAM. I’m beyond proud that my
    club, after a below par 5 seasons *bar the Carling Cup win in 2012* .. is
    back on the European Perch and will take on Europe’s Elite once again.
    Rodgers deserves all the plaudits he gets & within our beloved Liverpool we
    have player of the year *L.Suarez* and manager of the year *B.Rodgers* we
    will be underdogs again next season & seasons to come, but I have the
    upmost belief that we’re back on track & the P.L title is not far away.
    Hopefully Captain Fantastic will be the leader behind it. Cannot wait until
    next season, we will be stronger next year after what happened in the
    closing weeks of last season, and with some good signings we will be even
    stronger. THANKS again for making this, & to all other Reds .. YNWA 

  8. As Always Great Video……. You Know What You Are Doing…… Cant Wait To
    Next YNWA…….

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