Adam Lallana has welcomed Liverpool’s decision

Adam Lallana has welcomed Liverpool’s decision not to hand the axe to Brendan Rodgers.

After Liverpool’s dismal performance the previous season, it seemed as if Rodgers’ time was up at Anfield and he might be asked to leave, but, that did not turn out to be the case as the Reds’ owners kept their trust on the manager intact and let him be at his post.

According to Lallana, Rodgers’ position should actually never have been in doubt as he has been doing his job really well for the last couple of years.

In his interview to an English sports channel, the playmaker said, “its good news that he’s staying. He is one of the most fantastic managers I have worked with so far. You want somebody like him to be in charge for the quick development of the players. He is so knowledgeable in terms of technique.”

Rodgers might have stayed for a bit more time, but, Liverpool has indeed lost a gem in the form of Steven Gerrard who is going to be on his way to America very soon to feature for Los Angeles Galaxy.

When asked about him, Lallana said, “Stevie has left big boots to feel. For somebody to replace him and achieve the same kind of respect at the club, it would be very, very hard.”

“We might never find a player like Stevie again, but, we will have to move on and deal without him somehow.”

The 2014-15 was Lallana’s debut season in the Reds’ shirt and it was not as fruitful as he might have thought largely because of the injuries, but, he is determined to prove his worth this summer.

In the words of the 27-year old, “I know I could not offer that much to the team, but, I hope the next season is different and I remain fit and healthy to contribute to my fullest.”

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